Gallup Poll already asking Dems who they want in 2008 …the poll is currently in the process of being taken, but it should be very interesting to see when it comes out. My bet is that Hillary will be leading the pack. Check out this article that deals with Gallup and how they are getting ready to start tracking 2008. When the poll comes out we will be posting it here.. Posted by A Great American
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This site contains only my daily newspaper articles for the time since Sept. 11th 2001. Except for typos spotted immediately after posting I have made no alterations in them and each stands as written at its moment. There may therefore be minor mistakes not only of spelling and grammar but of fact — for each piece was written under deadline pressure according to the best information I had at the time. There may be slight differences of text from printed versions owing to editorial interventions in all cases what you read here is what I originally wrote with my own suggested titles.

The 51 percent nation
Love is stronger than hate. That is the lesson of the 2004 election results. Millions of Democrats and leftists have been seething with hatred for George W. Bush for years, and many of them lined up before the polls opened to cast their votes against him–one reason, apparently, that the exit poll results turned out to favor Democrats more than did the actual results. But Republicans full of love, or at least affection, for George W. Bush turned out steadily later in the day or sent in their ballots days before. They have watched the “old media” –the New York Times, the broadcast networks CBS, ABC, and NBC–beat up on Bush for the past year, and they have listened to the sneers and slurs directed at him by coastal elites for a long time. Now they had their chance to speak. They did so loudly and clearly, giving Bush the first popular-vote majority for president in 16 years.

Oh, there’s news; the cabinet shakeup is interesting. Yay Condi Rice. I want her to go to Saudi Arabia, and I want her first words upon getting off the plane to be “I’ll drive.” As for the Department of Education, I’d like to see an experiment: let the position go unfilled for four years and see if it has any impact on the educational abilities of the nation’s youth. I’m guessing no one would notice if we didn’t have a Secretary of Education. Everyone just keep on doing what you’re doing, and get back to us.

A few billion years ago, Mars sported liquid water and temperatures balmy enough that life could have been possible, the scientists concluded. “It had habitable environments,” said Steven Squyres, a Cornell University planetary scientist. “Now the question becomes, ‘Were they actually inhabited?”‘ Michael Malin, president of Malin Space Science Systems, talked about gullies that may have been sculpted recently by liquid water; evidence of ancient seas; and the discovery that the planet’s south polar cap of dry ice is losing weight. “Mars is experiencing global warming,” Malin said. “And we don’t know why.””

Kudlow’s Money Politic$

TThe Old York Times’ Matt Bai spent election day in Ohio with ACT – one of the 527s that tried to buy the election with George Soros’ money. Bai’s piece is a schadenfreude gold mine, and quite educational if you can manage to wade through it. — PoliPundit

Natan Sharansky, the former Soviet dissident and current Israeli government official, told me the president invited him to the White House a few days ago to discuss Sharansky’s new book, “The Case for Democracy: The Power of Freedom to Overcome Tyranny and Terror,” which he said the president had nearly finished and Dr. Rice was also reading. The book is a powerful argument for spreading freedom around the world as the ultimate weapon against totalitarian societies and fundamentalist movements.
Barring some dramatic shift in Iran’s behavior, I’d anticipate an Israeli airstrike that employs US purchased bunker busting munitions before any mullah bomb comes to fruition. The practical factors working against such drastic action in the near future are the threat of regional war and international pressure for reengagement in the peace process under a new Palestinian leadership, but something tells me that the Israelis will choose a non-nuclear Iran. Timing and secrecy are the real questions: Are US and Israeli intelligence services aware of the location of all or most critical Iranian activity devoted to developing a nuclear weapon? Are they aware of the practical deadline for launching a strike before weapons are completed and hidden in decentralized locations? Can they adequately defend against an Iranian missile retaliation?


By now most of my readers have seen the picture of the young illegal immigrant girl who crossed the U.S.-Mexico border while hiding inside a piñata. You may not have heard that the two smugglers responsible for this will not be prosecuted. “The arrests of individuals smuggling people far exceeds the ability to prosecute all these people,” said Vince Bond, a spokesman for U.S. Customs & Border Protection. “The more egregious cases obviously will be considered for prosecution, but if there is no prosecution, we must release them.”
It’s business as usual at the border.

President Announces Nomination of Condoleezza Rice as Secretary of State
The Roosevelt Room
12:33 P.M. EST
Good afternoon. I’m pleased to announce my nomination of Dr. Condoleezza Rice to be America’s Secretary of State. Condi Rice is already known to all Americans, and to much of the world. During the last four years I’ve relied on her counsel, benefited from her great experience and appreciated her sound and steady judgment. And now I’m honored that she has agreed to serve in my Cabinet. The Secretary of State is America’s face to the world. And in Dr. Rice, the world will see the strength, the grace and the decency of our country.

The Los Angeles Times’ Ronald Brownstein has a recap of the president’s win, which both pays its dues to the impressiveness of the win while also noting that “by the standards of previous reelected presidents, Bush’s victory looks much more modest.” This is a fair comparison, but here’s a thought I was chewing on while struggling up the 500 steps to Vernal Falls on Saturday (my back choose this past week to go sideways on me, but no pain, no views). President Bush won in the face of the most intense opposition an incumbent has ever faced, and in the face of a huge, super-funded 527 effort against. He won with nearly all of the MSM arrayed against him, and as had been been coming to light in the past week, with a rogue CIA leaking whatever it could to defeat him. So it stands to reason that the Republican majority is even larger than Bush’s margin of victory, and the Republican realignment even deeper. In 2008 a new GOP leader will emerge to run free of the anti-Bush handicap, and that realignment will be on even greater display.

LeanWrite – a longtime Democrat Crashes the Party

Daniel Pipes an authoritative commentator on the Middle East.


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The Dutch have suspected for some time that in Holland, their world famous attachment to tolerance was turning into a one-way street. There was an assumption that the indigenes of tiny Holland (population 16 million), would tolerate large-scale Islamic immigration without a mew of protest because they were so famously tolerant. That the immigrants owed a duty to their host country to acculturate themselves, learn the language, and adopt the tolerance they had made their way to Holland to enjoy seems never to have occurred to anyone in government.
Listen to an Iraqi American voice from Baghdad:

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TOM MAGUIRE: “I think we should demand that the Times editors be encouraged to read their own newspaper.” Or as one of his commenters notes: I’m not sure if I have this straight: On Saturday, the NYTimes prints a story going after blogs for repeating conspiracy theories that have been debunked. Then, on Sunday, the NYTimes prints an EDITORIAL latching on to those same debunked conspiracy theories. Is that right? I’m asking because it just seems so utterly retarded that I can’t believe even the NYTimes would do it. “Retarded” sounds so harsh. How about “editorially challenged?”
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– Stay home, you pathetic whining maggots!
– by Ian Robinson, in an article for the Calgary Sun.
This is one great read. Just when you thought there was no intelligent life beyond the northern border comes this beacon of light and hope! The author points out some of Bush’s lesser quoted accomplishments.. How anybody can be unhappy with the president’s re-election is beyond me. Bush has my admiration in no small part because he manages to simultaneously annoy France and Germany, not to mention those renowned deep, geopolitical thinkers, the Dixie Chicks, Bruce Springsteen, P-Diddy or whatever he’s calling himself now, Gwynneth Paltrow and Ben Affleck.

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