Benefits Of Flying

There are numerous social and economic benefits which are associated with flying. These benefits and the amount of time saved when flying has made it be one of the most comfortable and efficient modes of transport. The following are the main benefits of flying

Saves time

Time is one of the most valued resources, especially in business. Flying is one of the most preferred choices for many people when they are going out for a holiday. One can arrive at his or her destination even when the time is limited.

Added comfort

Flying is one of the most enjoyable activities. One can enjoy this comfort by booking a helicopter or a commercial flight to his or her favourite destination. Again, many dedicated staffs members are employed to take care of your needs. Aeroplanes are also equipped with efficient air conditioners which make flying a fantastic experience.


Most people endure long and journeys for them to experience the highlights of a particular area. This can lead to time wastage. For you can imagine travelling by road from Johannesburg to Cape Town in two days yet the same distance can be covered by a flight of two hours. Flying can greatly help in reducing the amount of time taken when travelling.

Viewing different pictures from above

The use of helicopters can allow visitors to view a particular area. This will provide the visitors with a bird’s eye view. For instance, one can enjoy the spectacular scenes of the mountainous areas such as the Alps when flying using a helicopter.

Difficult terrains can be accessed

Difficult-to–reach terrains can be accessed easily by use of helicopters thereby allowing the visitors to experience some highlights which cannot be enjoyed by someone in the street. Flying is one of the ideal modes of transport for the infirm or unfit areas.



Facilitating economic growth

Flying is one of the rapid transport systems. This has made it useful for tourism and global business thereby stimulating economic growth. In fact, about 35 % of goods bought or sold in the international trade are transported by air transport.

Maintaining long distance relationships

The advancement of technology has converted the world into a global village. People can easily relocate to other countries at any given time. This has allowed people to enjoy quality lives away from their homes. Flying can also help you in keeping up with your relatives who are in different countries.


Huge economic advantages

It is estimated that over 32 million jobs are created by the aviation industry every year. The global impact of this mode of transport is about $ 3,560 billion per year representing 7.5 of the GDP of the World.