Little Eichmanns� and �Digital Brownshirts� (Deconstructing the Hitlerian slur.) :

” Entire continents can play this game. If Europe is awash in anti-Semitism, then one mechanism to either ignore or excuse it is to allege that the United States � the one country that is the most hospitable to Jews � is governed by a Hitler-like killer. Americans, who freed Europe from the Nazis, are supposed to recoil from such slander rather than cry shame on its promulgators, whose grandfathers either capitulated to the Nazis or collaborated � or were Nazis themselves.

The Divine is in the details :

“G-d is, so to speak, to be seen and heard in the small things in life and not only in the large, great events. The L-rd tells the prophet Elijah that He is not to be found in the wind, the noise of a quake, the brightness of a burning fire but rather in the still, small voice, in the sound of a whisper and not of a shout. The first luchos � the tablets of stone that Moses brought down from Sinai were given with great noise � thunder, lightning, volcanic explosions � and they ended up being smashed to bits.

Who You? :

“I yield to no one in my admiration for this great republic, but I�m a subject of Her Britannic Majesty and there are moments when the whole monarchy deal just falls into place for me. One of them occurred the other day, when the Queen hosted a reception at Buckingham Palace for the �British music industry.� This wasn�t �British music� as in Sir William Walton and Sir Edward Elgar, but the usual leathery old caterwaulers � though most of them now have knighthoods, too: Sir Elton John, Sir Mick Jagger, Sir Paul McCartney, etc.

Torturing Terri Schiavo : (She�d be better off if she were a terrorist.)

“…What kind of law is it, what kind of society is it, that says the lives of Khalfan Khamis Mohammed and Mohammed Daoud al-`Owhali�s have value � over which we must anguish and for the sustenance of which we must expend tens of thousands annually � but Terri Schiavo�s is readily dispensable? By court-ordered torture over the wrenching pleas of parents ready and willing to care for her?

What kind of society goes into a lather over the imposition of bright lights and stress positions for barbarians who might have information that will save lives, but yawns while a defenseless woman who hasn�t hurt anyone is willfully starved and dehydrated? By a court � the bulwark purportedly protecting our right to life?

Let Us Now Praise Claudia Rosett She deserves a Pulitzer Prize (or six). :

“LET ME BE THE FIRST to congratulate Claudia Rosett on the receipt of her 2005 Pulitzer Prize. I am uncertain in which category she will win the honor (there are at least six–public service, investigative reporting, breaking news, national reporting, international reporting, and commentary for which she qualifies). She ought to be honored in multiple categories, in fact, for rarely has a single journalist had the run of productivity that Rosett assembled in 2004, and which continues today.

The amazing story of how Ashley Smith stopped Brian Nichols’s killing spree. :

“Something changed.
Something happened.”

“This is from the …