With the wide variety of pot plant containers that are out there, you are likely to select the wrong pot more especially if you have never done this before. By so doing you can end up wasting your money, your precious time and the wrong pot can result in the long run damage your plants. That is why we have taken it upon ourselves, to highlight the main features that one should take into consideration when buying fiberglass planters modern pot container. These factors are very important because they will guide you so that you can avoid making any costly mistakes when you are making your purchase.


etryfhgdreThis is the first factor that you should take into consideration when purchasing a pot plant container. Whichever container that you will settle on, it is very important that you ensure that it has enough and adequate drainage holes. It is a requirement that healthy plants not only need adequate room to ensure that they properly grow, but they also need to have adequate oxygen from the roots. The drainage holes are also important as they will ensure that the excessive water that you may put in the pot while watering escapes to prevent the plants from drowning.


These are the type of containers that are made from clay, paper pulp timber, unglazed terracotta or any other natural material. These particular ones allow moisture and air to easily move through them. The major advantage of purchasing a pot that breathes is that it can allow the air to freely circulate around the plant roots and also it ensures that the moisture properly evaporates from inside the pot so that it cools the soil hence drawing the excessive water which in turn prevents the plants from rotting. The main disadvantage of such containers is that they usually dry out quickly thus one needs to be watering them more frequently.


ertryfhtwrIt is also important that you take into consideration the weight of the pot container when making a purchase. You should always be aware of the fact that when the soil gets moist, it will definitely become heavy. Thus if you settle for a heavy container, it will be very hectic for you to be moving it around.

Before making the final purchase, take into consideration the total weight that the container will have that is the pot, plants, water and the soil. This is very important more especially if you will be placing the pot on a balcony or deck. So if you will be required to be changing the position of your pot from time to time, then be sure to purchase a pot that is made from lightweight materials. However for you to achieve stability since your plants will be situated in a windy or exposed area, then it advisable that you select a heavy container.


Everybody wants a pot that will have a low-maintenance cost or no maintenance at all. In such cases, you are advised to go for a pot that does not require you to be restoring it from time to time. Most probably wood is recommended here.