This oil has numerous health benefits all of which are attributed to its potent properties. It is used as a powerful sedative, antirheumatic, anti-hysteric, anti-epileptic, antispasmodic, decongestant, expectorant, vermifuge and carminative substance. Since time immemorial, this substance this oil has been in use as n effective flavouring agent and spice for beverages and food stuff. It is also used in flavour liquors. In other countries such as India, anise essential oil is used as a digestive agent and as a mouth freshener.

This oil was widely used as a medicinal herb in the ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt. It is obtained from anise fruits by steam distillation. The prime constituent of this oil is anethol. Its other important components include camphene, alpha pinene, anisaldehyde, safrol, acetoanisol, beta pinene, trans and cis-anethol, and linalool. Described below are the major medicinal properties associated with anise essential oil.


This oil has powerful antiseptic properties. This has made it one of the effective agents in fighting sepsis and infections. It is also helpful in facilitating the healing process in wounds by forming a protective layer.


Anise oil being a powerful antispasmodic and relaxant agent is helpful in providing relief to the ailments and situations caused by spasms. These ailments include aches, coughs, cramps nervous afflictions, convulsions, and diarrhoea. Spasms result from excessive contractions of the muscles, respiratory tracts, blood vessels, nerves and other internal organs. All these can lead to obstruction of the blood vessels, convulsions, severe coughs, cramps and aches in the chest and stomach.


Anise oil is an effective antirheumatic agent. It is used in giving relief from arthritic and rheumatic pains by reducing pain and stimulating the circulation of blood in the affected parts.


Its digestive property is used in promoting digestion. People have been chewing anise seeds since the ancient time especially after eating meals to aid digestion. This oil can be mixed with some water to improve its efficiency.


Being a powerful expectorant this oil is used in loosening phlegm and mucus deposited in the respiratory tracts and the lungs. This is helpful in giving relief from breathing troubles, bronchitis, asthma, coughs, respiratory disorders and heaviness in your chest.



This oil is toxic to the smaller animals and insects, thereby keeping insects away. It is therefore used as the main ingredient in sprays, fumigants, and vaporizers used in driving away insects.


Its numbing and narcotic effects have made effective in fighting anxiety, anger, depression, stress, nervous afflictions, and anger. Additionally, this oil has relaxing and tranquilizing effects which are helpful in eliminating the symptoms associated with insomnia.